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We provide laser cutting services to most industries and work closely with creatives.

Laser Cutting

Laserweb has the ability to CO2 laser cut many types of materials. In the CO2 laser cutting process a beam of light cuts through material; contact with the material is not needed in the cutting process. CO2 laser systems include an Integrated Vacuum Table to hold down papers, fabrics, and thin plastics as the material is cut.

The precision achieved with CO2 laser cutting is extremely precise, and can execute cutting patterns as drawn on a control screen.

CO2 laser cutting is well suited for small runs, as it is a cost-effective alternative to steel rule dies. CO2 laser cutting can be used in etching and cutting applications involving a wide range of material including plastics, as well as wood, adhesives, solid service sand and many more. It is also suitable for the etching of glass.

Laser cutting software can quickly convert your design into a precision laser cut product.

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